Keeping pests off your lawn without harming the environment by using chemicals can be done. Natural and organic remedies are available and can be quite effective in eliminating and even preventing those pesky lawn pests.

The best thing you can do to keep pests away from your lawn is to properly maintain it. Mowing it frequently and at the proper height is essential in keeping it healthy, and a healthy lawn will have proper nutrient and bacteria levels that naturally kill off bugs and other pests.

Many natural citrus-based insecticides have Read the rest of this entry »

Planning a flower garden is a fun and challenging task. Much more is actually involved than simply buying a bunch of flowers and planting them in the ground while hoping for the best. In order to have a beautiful flower garden it is essential to follow a series of predetermined steps to ensure that the flowers have the best possible chance of growing and developing.

The first step is to plan the way you want the flower garden to look. Decide which Read the rest of this entry »

Now that the summer months have arrived, soon the bugs will too. Lawn and garden care is difficult enough without outdoor pests getting in the way. However, using harsh, damaging chemicals to repel bugs can be even more harmful to your lawn than the bugs themselves. The solution is finding natural ways to keep the bugs away.

One of the most effective insect repellent methods is cinnamon. Ants hate cinnamon and will stay far from it, so sprinkle it liberally anywhere you do not want them to be!

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The best way to encourage native plant growth is deceptively simple. Sometimes knowledge gives us the wisdom to know that the best way is to leave things alone.

No matter where you live, the chances are that the soil around your house is exactly the same soil that has been there for thousands of years. The weather and the water are already perfect. The plants that evolved to thrive there already have exactly what they need. All you have to do to let native plants reassert themselves is to step out of their way.

So the first step to encouraging native plant growth is to do nothing but observe. Let the area go back to nature, at least for a season or two. Use that time to learn about native and invasive plant species, and how to accurately tell the difference. Cautiously and judiciously remove non-native plants, Home Security, as they compete for nutrients and crowd out the real natural vegetation that you want. Fortunately plants grow slowly and you will have plenty of time to weed out the invaders.

Plants are complex living beings that are more than capable of altering the circumstances to suit themselves. After a few seasons of natural weathering and growth you will find your native plants are taking over.